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5 Decision I Made Before Losing Weight

I am barely 5 feet 6 inches tall and my weight is already 72 kg plus. This means I am overweight. Presently I am in a profession which requires less movement. So, the amount calories I intake is much greater than calories I burn every day. This is causing the increase in my weight. With overweight, I am facing other health problems due to lack of movement. Finally, I have decided to do something about it. I will control my weight and be healthy again.

Decision 1# Less Carbohydrate Intake

As I am born and raised in an average Bangladeshi family, cooked rice is my main meal. Sometimes, I eat cooked rice three times a day. Then there is the potato. I feel like I cannot live without potato. These two are the main sources of carbohydrate for me. At present, I cannot stop eating these two altogether. If I do that, there will be lunch and dinner for me as my office canteen only serve cooked rice. So, I have decided to stop eating potato totally and lessen my cooked rice intake. I will not eat any kind of potato chips until I lose enough weight to feel comfortable.

Decision 2# No Soft Drinks

I am used to drinking coca-cola, 7up, Fanta, etc although I know these are nothing but sugar and bad for my health. Now I have decided to stop drinking any kind of soft drinks. It will be very hard for my as in any gathering of my colleagues and friend there will be soft drinks and they will insist for a little drink. But I have to change my habit if I wish to get back my fitness.

Decision 3# No Cake, Muffin, Biscuit

My office serves snacks two times a day. Mostly they are cake, muffin, biscuit, banana etc. I am not going to eat any of this food. I may eat the banana. I may have to decrease my tea intake as it contains a fair amount of sugar in it. I cannot take tea without sugar. So, stop taking tea will be a better choice for time being.

Decision 4# Self Control In Ramadan

I am a believer in Hinduism. But I live in a Muslim country and Ramadan is knocking on the door. My office arranges food for me during the Ramadan. As I live with my Muslim colleagues, they arrange Iftar for ending fasting. So, my food intake increases during Ramadan which is helpful for gaining weight. In Bangladesh, most traditional Iftar items are oily stuff which I like very much. So, it will be very difficult for me to control myself in front of these foods. But, to lose some weight and stay healthy I have no other option but to avoid taking the oily foods.

Decision 5# Do some exercise on regular basis

Despite being overweight, I am quite flexible. I can do all types of stretching without any trouble. This is because I do physical exercise quite often but irregularly. This time I need to be regular. I will not go hard on any exercise. I will do some exercise and keep track of them.

After taking above decision, I have already started to follow them. Over the past week, I have barely eaten any potato. I have not touched any potato chips. I have decreased my rice intake. Though I have to work on my sugar intake.

I am tracking my movement and food intake through few android apps lit Fit (from google) and Samsung health app. I am now more about my daily movement. I am taking a break from my chair and having 3-5 minutes walking session in the office.

I have refused several offers for soft drinks and increased my water intake. Though I have done very little progress, I think am in the right direction.