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Best Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur left us many years ago. But even today we are haunted by their presence in the surrounding. I mean, not for real. But a realistic dinosaur costume can provide you a proper way to scare whoever you want to. There are so many types of dinosaurs. Which one do you want to be?

Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

This costume will give you the goofiest look which will surprise and scare anybody. If you are working for a theme park, then you will want to have this costume to get the attention of the visitors. As the head flops back when you start to walk, you will look like an over-excited toddler.

realistic dinosaur costume

Key Feature:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Available for kids, men and women with different size
  • Battery operated Fan (4AA), need to buy batteries separately

How to wear T-Rex Costume:

At first, put your head and arm. Then put your legs. It’s quite challenging.

Riding Dinosaur Costume

Ok. You do not want to scare the good people. You want to be funny with them with a dinosaur. Then you should try this riding T-Rex fancy costume.

riding dinosaur costume

It looks like you are riding a giant dinosaur and you are funny at the same time. It’s funny when you walk and it’s funnier when you jump and run.

It also has a battery operated fan which inflates the costume. Alas, batteries are not included. You have to buy 4 AA batteries separately.

Pink Dinosaur Costume For Women

Did dinosaur love color? I don’t know. But, women love colors. For them the dinosaur becomes pink.

pink dinosaur costume

Dinosaur Pajamas

Are you a bad actor? If not, then this dinosaur pajamas is for you. With these, not realistic dinosaur pajamas and your bad acting, you will certainly entertain some kids, even some adults. You can even sleep wearing these pajamas. They are quite comfortable.

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